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Valerie Deegan-Johnson

Dergan the Jackass

How did our Jackass get the name Dergan? I'm going to get a little serious for a moment.

When our son was just a wee one I thought it would be a great idea for him to learn "man-ly" things through cub scouts. I enrolled him (he was not thrilled). I eagerly anticipated the first den meeting (he did not). We show up to said den meeting just as the den mothers were performing roll call.  A Connor name was called, but they said a different last name. They called it again. Not a single parent or child claimed this name. "Hot damn, there were going to be 2 Connor's in this den. Maybe they are running late. I hope the other Connor is more cooperative than my Connor", I thought. Well, roll call was done and yet my son's name, Connor Deegan, had not been called. I know I signed him up and paid our dues, so why was Connor not on the list?! Upon scanning the clipboard I find a Conner Dergan (you know the kid that was late). Turns out this den had decided to alter the spelling of my child's name. I didn't think my hand writing was THAT bad. Needless to say, the scouting ways didn't last long, but the name Dergan stuck.

Fast forward 2 years and the tag "the jackass" was added. Yes, I'm one of THOSE parents that thought my kid was an ass. Granted there was a medical reason, but none-the-less we secretly referred to him as Dergan the Jackass. I know, it's horrible. He has since long grown out of his jackassy ways, but the name lived on even though it was no longer relevant.  So, I needed to replace him with a real jackass.

Let me introduce you to Dergan my Jackass & to Dergan THE Jackass....

(Drum roll please)

Conner Dergan

See the resemblance?! Especially around the mouth.

To learn more about what made Connor a jackass in our eyes watch this video.

Finding Connor Deegan - Foundation for Airway Health from on Vimeo.

Did you find any typos or grammatical errors? Please feel free to snicker to yourself. I'm no English major.


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