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Celebration in Wayland, MI

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Downtown Wayland

Mr & Mrs Sudsalot traveld to Wayland, Michigan to soil some minds & came home with surprising observations.

This cozy Michigan town was the location for Jackass Charm Soap's latest pop-up shop. It may not be known as a tourist attraction, but if you want to feel welcome and meet some pretty amazing folks I highly recommend a visit. Not only can Wayland claim it has the ultimate connoisseur of beer over at Acqua in Vino, their eclectic antique shops bring back the good ol' times for all ages. It is also the home to a variety of thirst quenching watering holes. As a jab to our son who was not with us, they have a "pretty sick" skate park. Let us not forget Wayland is home to the historic Henika Library.

Truthfully, I was a bit nervous about this event seeing that 3 churches were also vendors, along with the boy scouts, and other innocent minds that one day could blame Ruthie for their future gutter dwelling behaviors. Seriously, we are all about aiding the dwellers not converting non-dwellers. I just couldn't live with that. Instead, we were greeted with giggles, oooh's & ahhh's, and open hearts! 

 Officer Gulch confirming he is Handsome!

Officer Gulch confirming he is Handsome.

And clearly there are folks there that are just as crazy as Ruthie!

Ruthie Soiled Herb! Or, was it the other way around?

This is Herb. He is a confident, percussion loving, patriotic Jackass.

According to the 2010 census, Wayland's population was just over 4,000, however, I'm going to take a leap and say that number has risen considerably due to the fact that the water there may have "magical" properties. I may be in trouble, because I snuck over to the beer garden at The Wayland Hotel and had myself a cocktail that I'm pretty sure utilized ice cubes to keep it cool & delicious. (In case your chemistry is rusty, ice is made by freezing water. So, that means I DRANK THE WATER!!!) Crap. I'll let you know in 9 months to confirm if the rumor is true or not, meanwhile, I can say honestly there were more babies & pregnant gals than pets in strollers and folks in the beer gardens combined!

Call it what you will be it serendipity, fate, or meant to be, our conversation with Mr. Ray Antel III was one of those. After discovering that Mr Sudsalot and he stomped on common grounds in the 90's with their mountain bikes, he revealed to us that he has a passion for running and shares his passion with middle and high school students, let alone their wine loving parents! Guess who we'll be signing up for running camp next year at 44th Parallel, LLC, our very own talented runner that happens to be our giggly and shaky videographer - Roxy Sudsalot!


We had such a wonderful time hanging, laughing, and maybe offending a few of the Wayland residents yesterday. Hopefully, they will let us do it again next year!Mr Sudsalot keeping an eye on things while Ruthie was boozing it up at the Wayland Hotel.

Mr. Sudsalot guarding the goods while Ruthie boozes it up (or is busy becoming contaminated) over at the Wayland Hotel.

Did you find any typos or grammatical errors? Please feel free to snicker to yourself. I'm no English major.

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  • Debbie M on

    I wasn’t at the Wayland event, but it sounded like a lot of fun! I hear that Ruthie Sudsalot will be in McHenry, Illinois next weekend, so I may go there to check her (and her soap) out!

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