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Irreparable Filter

Valerie Deegan-Johnson A.R.S.E. Cream Back Door Big Latch On Jackass Charm Soap Randolph Market West Loop Chicago

This past weekend Jackass Charm Soap had the pleasure of participating in the Randolph Street Market. It's an indoor/outdoor monthly market smack in the middle of West Loop with over 300 hand picked vendors.

As with any event such as this, a vendor will meet many different and interesting people. As the old saying goes, market to those whom you want to do business with. Well, I don't think I was looking at the big picture when I developed A.R.S.E. Cream.

A.R.S.E. Cream by Jackass Charm Soap

I actually made this diaper rash cream as part of a gift basket for the Big Latch On event. 

Big Latch On Gift Basket by Jackass Charm Soap

I had a few A.R.S.E. Creams left over so they accompanied the other body butters on our trip to Randolph Market.

As we all know, Ruthie's social filter is broken and is in an irreparable state. So, when the couple entered the Jackass Charm Soap booth space they had no clue what they were in for. The wife proceeds to pick up and read the A.R.S.E. Cream label. She chuckles and nudges her husband to take a gander at the label. He smiles and nods as if there were an inside joke between them. Ruthie at this point may or may not have filled her water bottle with "grape juice" and may or may not have consumed the entire bottle before this unassuming couple meandered unsuspectingly towards this comment...

Ruthie to husband: "What? You entering the back door lately?"

Husband: no answer.

Wife turns her head, makes eye contact with Ruthie and with a dead serious look in her eye proceeded to say, "Weekly."

That's when Ruthie lost her shit! It was bad enough that I turned bright red from head to toes, but when the beads of sweat formed on my brow that's when the passersby took notice along with the neighboring vendors. Then, the tears (from laughing so hard) began to flow with no end insight!

True story!

I've contemplated adding to the A.R.S.E. Cream label a defining statement regarding diaper rash cream, but then again who am I to ruin a good thing?

Awe shite! Did you find a typo or 2 and a major faux pas regarding grammar? Good for you. Feel free to snicker to yourself. I ain't no English major and I tried my bestest.

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