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Valerie Deegan-Johnson Harley Davidson Jackass Charm Soap Leathers 4U II Spanx You Goat Mail

This week I partook in 2 events to hawk Jackass Charm Soap at. One being a motorcycle fundraising event and the other being a cruise night.

At the Woodstock Harley Davidson Rock the House for MS event I learned:

  1. How to categorize a whore. For instance, there is the ugly whore, skanky whore, droopy whore, and my personal favorite smart whore.
  2. One can receive Goat Mail. Yes, this is a real thing!
  3. German's love red lipstick.
  4. Spanx absorb both crack & boob sweat. 

At the cruise night I learned:

  1. Some guy is REALLY proud of his Dodge Neon.
  2. Bike folk are way more fun to fuck with than car people.

I have to thank Susie and Roy representing Leathers 4U, II, Inc. for thoroughly schooling me about whores and keeping me entertained at the Rock the House event!!!

In conclusion, bike folk are WAY more fun to fuck with than car folk. 

Thank you.

Awe shit! Were there grammatical errors or typos? Feel free to snicker to yourself about them; I'm no English major.

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