You'll fall tits over dick for us!
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Valerie Deegan-Johnson Greenwood Illinois Jackass Charm Soap Menards No Shirt No Shoes No Service Sandwich Sangwich The General Store Woodstock World's Best Coffee

Just don't know how Ruthie did it, but she was able to find a store brave enough to carry Jackass Charm Soap!!!!!! Now you don't have to wait for the next PopUp shop to fondle, sniff, read, giggle, and buy your favorite Jackass Charm product! 

Just drive waaaaaaay up north to Greenwood's General Store anytime you wish! By the way, we heard they have the World's Best Coffee, some pretty damn good ice cream, and incredibly skilled sangwich makers. BUT....if you want any of these goods you must be donning your shirt and shoes.

(Damn our videos are almost at the Menard's standards!!!)

Awe shite! Were there grammatical errors or typos? Feel free to snicker to yourself about them; I'm no English major.

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