How do you sew curves without bunching?

What do you do with a curved seam to make it smooth and flat?

When you sew a curved seam, reducing the bulk of the seam allowance before you turn the unit right side out is a must. Clipping the seams is the trick for making the finished outer edges of the curve smooth and flat.

What is Understitch sewing?

An understitch is sewn along the edge of the lining or facing nearest the armhole or neckline and works to secure the lining or facing to the seam allowances which in turn keeps everything neatly tucked inside the garment instead of poking out and being visible from the right side.

What is the use of French curve in sewing?

The French curve is the most common curved ruler used for fashion design. (It’s the translucent ruler shown above.) It’s especially handy for making common fitting or pattern adjustments.

What is clipping a curve?

Clipping the excess around a curve eliminates the bulk and creates a smooth outer edge while maintaining the curved shape. In garment sewing, the curve around a neckline is an inward curve. If you measure the length of the seam compared to the length of the curve, you’ll discover the seam is longer.

What is a princess seam in sewing?

Princess seams are long rounded seams sewn into women’s blouses or shirts to add shaping or a tailored fit to closely follow a woman’s shape. … The resulting “princess seams” typically runs from the shoulder (or under the arm) curving gently over the bust point and down to the lower hem.

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