Which dyeing machine is suitable for knitted fabric?

Jet dyeing machine: Knitted and woven fabric can be dyed by this machine.

What is knit dyeing machine?

The dyeing machine derives its name “Winch” as the fabric rope gets circulated in the machine by way of a mechanical action of a horizontal rotor or reel, called as a winch or sometimes wince. The cross‐section of the winch rotor may be circular or elliptical.

Which dyeing process is used for knitted fabric?

Knit dyeing is a technique of dyeing knitted fabrics. The dyeing of knitted fabrics occurs in the exhaust method or in batch-wise process.

What machine is used for knit fabrics?

Weft Knitting Machine

Weft Knitting Machines are used to make weft knitted fabrics by just a single yarn. Knitting in weft is a more common method than warp knitting. In Weft knitting, the looms are knitted horizontally in a circular form from left to right of the fabric.

What is HTHP dyeing machine?

HTHP Yarn Dyeing Machine is used for dyeing of sample for polyester, cotton and any form of fiber or blended yarn and fabric.

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What are the types of dyeing?

Methods of Dyeing

  • Bale Dyeing: This is a low cost method to dye cotton cloth. …
  • Batik Dyeing: This is one of the oldest forms known to man. …
  • Beam Dyeing: In this method the warp is dyed prior to weaving. …
  • Burl or speck Dyeing: …
  • Chain Dyeing: …
  • Cross Dyeing: …
  • Jig Dyeing: …
  • Piece Dyeing:

How many types of dyeing machines are there?

Basically, we can categorize the dyeing machines into four types.

What is the process of knitting?

Knitting is a process of using long needles to interlink or knot a series of loops made by one continuous thread. Each loop or knot connects to another one, and when enough loops have been made, the result is a flat piece of material called a textile.

What is yarn dyeing in textile?

Yarn dyeing: In yarn dyeing, the yarns are dyed first before the fabric manufacturing stage. The yarn dyeing happens in hanks or in package dyeing. Package dyeing is a method where yarns are wound on perforated cones placed in a dye vessel. The dye solution is then alternatively pushed inside out and vice versa.

What is the dyeing process?

A dyeing process is the interaction between a dye and a fibre, as well as the movement of dye into the internal part of the fibre. Generally, a dyeing process involves adsorption (transfer of dyes from the aqueous solution onto the fibre surface) and diffusion (dyes diffused into the fibre).

Can knitting be done by machines?

Machine knitting saves a considerable amount of time but does require learning to operate the machines correctly. Most if not all hand knitting patterns can be worked up on a machine, either identically or in a similar design, but some are simpler to by hand, whilst others are easier on a machine.

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Which one of the following dyes require HTHP dyeing machine?

HTHP Vertical Yarn Dyeing Machine has been designed for dyeing Polyester, Cotton, Viscose, Nylon, Acrylic, Texturised, Silk, Wool & all natural and man made fibers in various forms like Cone, Tape, Narrow Fabrics, Zipper, Hanks, Ribbons, Tops & Loose Fiber.

What is yarn package dyeing?

Package dyeing is a mature technology that is one of the most commonly used methods of yarn dyeing. The term package dyeing usually denotes for dyeing of yarn that has been wound on perforated cores. The dye flows through to the yarn package with the help of the deliberate perforations in the tube package.

What is cheese dyeing?

From natural to composite fibers, in the scouring and dyeing of all pre-dyed products such as a cheese, warp beam, top/hank, loose/muff, high productivity is realized, and low liquid ratio dyeing, labor saving, and unmanned operation can be achieved.