Best answer: What is Eastern Knitting?

EASTERN is how Eastern Europe, Arab and Arab-settled countries (Spain, and by extension, much of S America) knit. The knit stitch sits on the needle with the front facing right. When knitting, the yarn is brought over the right needle from the back, wrapping around in a clockwise direction.

What are the different styles of knitting?

In knitting, there are two basic styles of technique: the English method and the German or Continental method. The only real difference lies in how the yarn is held. With the English method, the working yarn is held in the right hand; with the Continental method, it is held in the left.

What is Eastern purl?

The Eastern Purl creates a shorter, tighter purl than its western cousin. Have you ever worked a cable project and noticed that the first purl after a knit stitch has an ugly, loose little ladder of excess yarn?

What is Norwegian style knitting?

The Norwegian style of knitting is distinct because of the way purl stitches are worked. The Norwegian purl is worked with the yarn in back; patterns that switch back and forth between knitting and purling, like rib stitches, are great for practicing the Norwegian purl.

What is Shetland knitting?

The making of very fine hand-knitted lace. Shetland fine lace is an extremely delicate knitted fabric made with soft Shetland wool spun into very fine yarn and knitted into intricate patterns. It is traditionally knitted by hand on wires using a knitting belt.

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What do you call a person who knits?

knitter – someone who makes garments (or fabrics) by intertwining yarn or thread.

What is the fastest knitting method?

Most of the fastest knitters in the world favor a style of knitting that’s sometimes known as lever knitting, pivot knitting, or Irish cottage knitting. This is a great method for knitters who knit for a living, though anyone can learn it.

What is Danish knitting?

Danish pullovers from the 19th Century were knitted of one color primarily, although not always, as in the case of the Danish Skrå-trøje from Sejerø. The Danish Nattrøjer were worn by women from the 18th to 20th Century and were made of fine white wool, then dyed red, blue, or green.

What is Swedish knitting?

Sweden is also the birthplace of Tvåändsstickning, known in the United States as Two-End, or Twined, Knitting. This technique uses two strands of yarn from the same ball to create a thick, warm, and durable fabric on which embossed motifs can be worked.

Is continental knitting faster?

Continental knitting is much faster. … The actual creating of the stitches is exactly the same in continental knitting, you just hold the yarn in your left hand, and by doing so, the entire action of knitting (or purling) is much smoother…and quicker.