How do you make pinch pleat curtains?

How do you calculate fabric for pinch pleat curtains?

Carolina Custom Draperies notes that you should multiply the total width by 2.5 and record the result. This allows for the proper amount of fullness for the pleated drapes. For example, if the total width is 84 inches, multiply 84 by 2.5 to get 210 inches, the calculated fabric width.

Is it hard to make pinch pleat curtains?

If you want a traditional look for your curtains, pinch pleats, also known as French pleats, are a great option. These triple pleat curtains may look intimidating, but using pleater tape and hooks makes this project simple for sewers of any level. You can also easily add a drapery lining to these curtains.

What is the difference between French pleat and pinch pleat?

pinch pleat is the same as French pleat. Two prong pleats are good for showing off a patterned fabric and using more drapery rings. Grommets are casual and more modern. The metal of the grommet accents other aspects of your decor.

What’s the difference between pencil pleat and pinch pleat?

Pinch pleat is a decorative heading for curtains, suitable for all fabrics. Pinch pleats use more fabric and are fuller than pencil pleats. The pleats are hand-sewn in and permanently fixed for more luxurious, tailored look. … This will allow us to gather your curtains to the correct width.

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How far apart should pinch pleats be?

Standard spacing is 5 pleats per 54” fabric width, however can be adjusted to accommodate different fullness levels.

How much width of fabric do I need for pinch pleat curtains?

– A pinch pleat curtain requires more fabric to sew in the pleats as it gathers up tighter. As such you will require 2.5x the track width or 150% fullness. Standard window curtains you will use the guide above to decide on the amount of fabric.

What is a double pinch pleat?

Double pinch pleat curtains have small groups of pleats separated by flat sections of fabric, pinch pleat curtain hooks are used at each pleat, so the curtains are suspended by the pleats with flat fabric between. Pinch pleats give a more formal look and the curtains tend to hang in uniform folds.

How do you make pinch pleat sheers?

Although you can measure and stitch individual pleats across the upper edge of a sheer curtain panel, the easiest way to make pinch-pleated sheers is to sew on lightweight pleater tape, available at fabric and decorating stores. Use drapery pleat hooks in the pockets that are woven into the tape.

What hooks do you use for pinch pleat curtains?

The hooks that spike into the curtain come in one size as you can choose the spot to pierce the curtain. Sheer Curtains with hooks use a slightly different hook. The hook for a sheer pleated curtain is called a pin hook. We use pin hooks in sheer curtains so you can get the height correct.

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