Quick Answer: What is ready size stitching?

Ready to wear (standard stitching) implies customizing the outfit in as shown style based on bust size only. All other parameters are in accordance with the size chart.

What is difference between semi stitched and free size lehenga?

Semi-stitched dress means a dress half stitched, and the other half is kept opened/ stitch free. It is mostly stitched from above and the lower part is kept non stitched. You can also stitch it according to your measurement. 1 of 2 found this helpful.

What is difference between semi stitched and unstitched?

Semi-stitched means half stitched dress in which styles have predefined sleeve length, dress length, sleeve style, neck depths and neck styles. In these dresses, the only thing left open is side seams, which can be adjusted as per the bust size. Unstitched means the dress will have to be stitched completely.

What is free size of lehenga?

Product Specification

Brand SF
Stitch Type Semi-Stitched
Size Free Size
Dupatta Fabric HEAVY NET
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What is un stitched size?

1. having no stitches; unsewed. an unstitched length of material. The zip came unstitched at the corner. 2.

What l size means?

Small (S) Medium (M) Large (L) Extra Large (XL)

Is free size smaller than S?

That said, unless it is a poncho or wrap or thing of such nature, Free Size or One Size Fits Most means just that – and is going to refer to a size S, M, L or a bit more snugly for an XL. Unless you are in a plus size store, it will probably be referring to standard S-XL sizes.

What does standard stitching mean?

What is Standard Stitching? In Standard Stitching the product is stitched as per the standard size given by customer for example 36,38 etc bust size.

Is free size bigger than XL?

Unfortunately, no. A free size item typically means one-size-fits-most and is catered to straight sizes, like a US size 6 – US size 12.

What does stitched lehenga mean?

Modified on: Wed, 28 Nov, 2018 at 12:38 PM. Semi stitched implies either half stitched outfit in which styles are pre-constructed like shown in the image or has pre-defined neck styles, sleeve style on fabric with pre-defined sleeve length, neck depths & outfit length.

How many cm is XXL?

Size Chart

Measurements in Centimeters Bust Waist
L 96.52 81.28
XL 106.68 83.36
XXL 111.76 91.44
XXXL 116.84 96.52

What is size OS in AJIO?

When navigating our site, you may notice that most items are marked as “one size” or “OS.” If you’ve ever wondered what that’s all about, I’m here to help! … On our site, “one size” or “OS” is usually used when an item only comes in one size.

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What is the size of one size?

One size means every product is the same size, and one size fits all usually refers to a clothing item, again, they are all the same size pieces and they are designed to fit everyone. You get no choice in sizing in other words. And it’s usually “one size fits most”.

What is the meaning of UN stitched?

Definition of unstitch

transitive verb. : to take out the stitches of : to undo or separate by removing stitches unstitch a seam.

What is semi stitched saree?

Semi-stitched anarkali means the dress will come stitched with the seam left open that we can stitch according to your size. … In these clothing, only side seams are left open, which you can stitch according to your size. What is semi-stitched gown?

What is semi stitched lehenga?

A semi-stitched lehenga, as the name suggests implies a half-stitched outfit in which styles are pre-defined to a certain extent, like sleeve length or neck depth etc. … Buy the best collection of semi-stitched lehengas online here at best prices.