What is a row in Tunisian crochet?

The foundation row is the first row that you will make in any Tunisian crochet project. 2. Every Tunisian crochet row is made up of two parts – the forward pass and the reverse pass. 3. You never turn your project around like you do in regular crochet.

What is a crochet row?

When you crochet rows, you need to turn your work, make your turning chain, and start back across the row. With a starting row of 16 single crochet stitches, you can crochet a row of stitches: … Work one single crochet stitch in each single crochet stitch from the previous row all the way to the end.

Do you chain one in Tunisian crochet?

Unlike regular crochet, you’ll be leaving this loop on the hook all the way across. You will have the same number of loops on your hook as your beginning chain. To begin the closing, you will do a chain 1 at the end.

How do you start the first row of Tunisian crochet?

Foundation Row Return Pass

To make the chain, yarn over and pull through only the first loop on your hook. That first loop becomes a vertical bar, which is our first stitch. Now, yarn over and pull through two loops on your hook. Continue doing this until there is only one loop left on your hook.

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What is considered a row in Tunisian crochet?

Forward Pass and Reverse Pass

Each “row” in Tunisian crochet consists of both of the parts described above — pulling up the loops as you work right-to-left and finishing the loops as you work left-to-right. Together, these two parts make up one row.

How many Tunisian crochet stitches are there?

53 Tunisian Crochet Stitches With Tutorials.

Is Tunisian crochet faster than regular crochet?

Conclusions. From this experiment, we can conclude that indeed Tunisian crochet does take more yarn than knitting, just like crochet (between 25% and 30% by weight for the same size of tools), but it’s also faster than both knitting and crochet.

Can you use a regular crochet hook for Tunisian crochet?

In summary, you can technically do Tunisian crochet with a regular hook, but it’s best to purchase the right kind of tools—a long Afghan crochet hook for working rows and a double-ended or circular Tunisian crochet hook for working in the round. It’s wonderful that you want to give Tunisian crochet a try!

What is Tunisian crochet good for?

It was often called Afghan stitch and was used for making the thick blankets we call by that name. Because of working each row twice with different stitches Tunisian crochet makes a wonderfully thick fabric that is perfect for blankets and washcloths. It also makes deliciously warm sweaters, hats, and scarves.