What is stitch down construction?

Stitchdown construction is the older method, what you might call “old school.” It has many virtues, but comes at a certain price, which we’ll cover momentarily. How stitchdown construction works is the leather of the uppers is pulled down onto the midsole, and then stitched to the midsole.

What is stitch down?

Definition of stitchdown

1 : the stitching of the outward-turned lower edge of a shoe upper directly to the sole or sometimes with a welt added over the edge.

Is Stitchdown waterproof?

Some consumers are surprised to find that stitchdown construction is more waterproof than normal Goodyear welt construction, as the actual upper is sewn and glued to the midsole, preventing water from entering if constructed properly. This means that with all else equal, a Stitchdown boot is more water resistant.

What is Stitchdown boot construction?

When a boot is made utilizing a stitchdown construction the upper leather and textile is pulled down around the anatomical last, flared out and cemented to the midsole, then stitched to the outsole. The result is a rebuildable boot that has a 360-degree stitch for added durability and comfort.

What is Veldtschoen?

A Veldtschoen shoe contains all the same components of a Goodyear Welted Shoe. However, the leather upper is turned out and stitched above the welt, rather than the leather upper being wrapped underneath and stitched beneath the welt. … It is a production method usually used to make English country and hiking shoes.

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What are the different types of shoe construction?


  • AGO Cemented. This is probably the most commonly used method. …
  • Vulcanised. Probably the most widely known shoes that are made vulcanised are ‘All Stars’. …
  • Moulded / Direct injection. …
  • Stitch down / San Crispino / Veldtschoen. …
  • Goodyear welted. …
  • Blake / Mckay. …
  • Moccasin. …
  • Sewn-in-Sock / Ströbel.

What is San Crispino construction?

San Crispino construction | ROBERTO DEL CARLO. A type of stitch construction that provides a wide base of support for heel stability. The upper material is flared outward, and wrapped around and under the edge of an extended insole board. The upper is stitched close to the last and cemented to the sole.

What is a Norwegian welt?

The Norwegian welt (also known as a “storm welt” or “water proof welt”) is notable as it prevents water from entering the shoe at the seam between the shoes’ upper and the welt. … Rather than curving beneath the shoes’ upper leather as a traditional welt would, the Norwegian welt is completely exterior.

Can you resole stitch down?

A stitchdown boot can ABSOLUTELY be resoled! … If you’re investing in a pair of handmade work boots, the best of them are typically made with the stitchdown method to make them strong enough to stand up to hard work, and last for far longer than typical factory footwear.

Are Clarks Desert Boots Stitchdown?

A well known product are the Desert Boots by Clarks using a stitch down. Together with moccasin and sandal constructions stitch down is considered to be one of the oldest construction methods.

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What is welt in a boot?

A welt is the piece of leather that runs along the outsole of the shoe and serves to attach the upper to the sole of the shoe. Welt type is a primary way to identify well-made, high quality shoes. … As passionate boot makers, we select our welt seam and shoe construction techniques methodically and mindfully.

Why is Goodyear Welt better?

A goodyear welted shoe tends to be more water resistant as a result of the stitches being separated by a leather barrier. Shoes that are goodyear welted generally are more durable, tend to last longer and are comfortable.

What is flat welt construction?

Flat Welt – Note the absence of the vertical piece of leather between the upper and the sole. … Pre-Stitched Reverse Welt – Note how the small vertical piece of leather between the upper and the sole has a subtle, but distinctive stitch on it. 360 Degree Welt – Note how the welt line goes all the way around the shoe.

Which type of insole is used in Stitch down construction?

Single or double sole can be used for any desired thickness. Identifying characteristics: No stitching or metal parts are visible inside the shoe. On examination of the shoe it is noticeable that where the upper meets the insole, the edge of the upper turned outside and is inline the edge of the insole.