What does 3sc mean in crochet?

Work the third single crochet stitch inserting your hook in same stitch. You’ve made two complete single crochet stitch increase. Repeat the preceding steps at the next place of increase.

What does 2inc mean crochet?

Translation: Work two single crochets in each single crochet around. Since you are crocheting two stitches in each stitch around, you are doubling the stitch count (from 6 to 12) so that your circle expands outwards.

What does 2sc INC mean in crochet?

Technique used to increase your stitch count by one. Often used when you are increasing for a hat, bag or shawl. … Here is where your increase happens and your sc will become two single crochet stitches.

What does sc3 mean in crochet?

sc 3). For some patterns ‘2 sc’ means ‘make 1 single crochet into the next 2 stitches’, but for others it means ‘make 2 single crochet stitches into the next stitch’. … The pattern is indicating how many MORE times you need to repeat the sequence of stitches after already crocheting the sequence once.

What does SC2 mean in crochet?

the TOG crochet abbreviation is simply shorthand for “together,” while the beginning determines the type of stitch. … In this case, SC2 stands for “single crochet two.” OK, now you’re ready to learn this useful technique!

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What does 2 SC mean?

Sc2 means 2 single crochets. And then in the next stitch you put another 2 single crochets (inc). Round means you repeat those steps until you reach the end. [12] is the number of stitches you have at the end.

What does SC Inc x6 mean in crochet?

You’re placing a single crochet in the first stitch. (Sc) In the second stitch, you’ll place 2 single crochet stitches. (Inc) Then you’ll repeat what you did in the first and second stitches for a total of 6 more times.

What does 1sc 1inc mean?

3. [ 1sc, 1inc] x 6 (18) Round 3: Repeat the following 6 times: 1 single crochet, then 1 increase. You should have 18 stitches.