What is an ultimate finish in crochet?

What is an invisible finish in crochet?

Invisible finish or in other words Invisible fasten off is a crochet technique to join stitches together and fasten off the yarn usually when crocheting in round. Traditional method to end the round is to join last stitch of the round with top of first stitch using slip stitch.

What does FO mean in amigurumi?

FO. Finished Object. This is just what it says. A knit or crochet project that is entirely finished – including hiding the yarn ends … The opposite of an FO might be OTN, PHD, WIP or UFO.

How do you crochet a perfect ball?


  1. Start the Ball With a Magic Ring. …
  2. Section One: Increase the Stitches in Each Round. …
  3. Section Two: Work Even Rounds of Single Crochet. …
  4. Section Three: Decrease the Stitches in Each Round. …
  5. Fill the Ball With Stuffing or Other Filler. …
  6. Close the Ball by Gathering the Last Stitches. …
  7. Secure the Yarn and Weave the Ends.

What does SS mean in crochet?

Abbreviation: ss. Slip stitch is a versatile stitch that is handy for joining stitches.

What does P mean in crochet?

Picots are created by chaining the number of stitches called for in the pattern and then working a slip stitch in the indicated stitch or space. The picot stitch is great to use for edging a crochet project! The first picot stitch creates a wider looking stitch that is firmly attached to the crochet project.

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What does SBN mean in crochet?

(СБН or ст. б/н) skip. пропуск slip stitch.