You'll fall tits over dick for us!
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Bitch Box

$ 25.00

Eliciting enlightenment for bitches disguised as a gift box!

We like to think we are making the world a happier place one bitch at a time. The Bitch Box includes:

(1) 8oz bar of Bitch Remover soap, (1) 2oz jar of Bitch Butter, (1) 8.75oz Bitchy Ass Bomb, & 1 pad of paper to write your bitches down for later enlightenment of just how much of a bitch you really can be, but we won't judge you*.

Bitch Box Instructions: Please follow carefully. (The Bitch Box is brought to you by....Jackass Charm Soap)

 ~ If out of stock, there is a 3 day turnaround time from date order is placed to shipment. It's worth the wait because we hand-make the boxes in house.~

* But let's judge Ruthie, shall we?

Bitch #1 - Who in gay hell would leave those beautiful decanters empty?!!!!! Seriously.
Bitch #2 - There is not a Champaign (or sparkling wine) bottle anywhere in this photo, so why are there cheap champagne glasses in the background?


Bicth #3 - Why can't Ruthie spell?



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