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Gift Tray

$ 5.00

To get away from Ruthie and her "crazies", Mr. Sudsalot spends every spare moment in his man cave - AKA workshop in the garage. This not only helps him find a small bit of remaining sanity; it also benefits the receiver of a Jackass Charm Soap product!

These handcrafted pine trays raise your gift giving to a whole new level. Not only do the trays fit the soap like a glove, but they are versatile too! It can become Grandma's candy dish, your son's rock collection holder, spare change collector, or a place to neatly store your raincoats/tadpole collectors/willy wrappers (whatever you want to call it these days). The possibilities are endless!

So, let's keep Mr. Sudsalot busy and order your Jackass Charm Soap gift tray today! The busier he is the less he knows about Ruthie's shenanigans which is better for both parties.


* Now let's use our noggins. These trays are made of unsealed pine. Don't use it as a soap dish. Come on! Wet soap will ruin all of Mr. Sudsalot's hard work. Got it?

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