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Kippy Kisser

Kippy Kisser

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Reduce your amount of in the car, in a meeting, standing in line, and on the couch lip picking/peeling time by smoothing dry, peeling lips with sugar granules that micro-exfoliate and buff away dead skin transforming your kisser into a Kippy Kisser while helping to protect your kisser from future drying, cracking, or chapping.

Directions: For best results use just after showering or after brushing teeth, or when lips have been softened by moist heat.  Apply a small amount with finger, gently scrubbing onto lips in circular motions to buff away dead skin cells. Wipe the formula off with a damp cloth, or rinse off and pat dry. Follow up with a quick application of your favorite Jackass Charm lip balm (coming soon!).  

Tip: Touching, licking, or biting lips may look great when pin up’s do it, but in reality it’s not that sexy if you’re not trying to take a tacky selfie.  This treatment can also be used to prime lips for the perfect lipstick application and help increase its staying power. It can also be used to remove long-wearing matte or liquid lipstick formulas).

Ingredients: Sugar, Coffee Butter (Coco Butter& Coffea Arabica* infused Almond Oil), Shea Butter, Coffee Oil (Coffea Arabica* infused Almond Oil), & Apricot Oil.

*Bad Momma Beanery is our Coffea Arabica of choice!!!!

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