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Sample Sachet

$ 5.00

You say your commitment issues are really just a fear of wasting your time. While we love a challenge that is in our favor, we love taking the risk out of commitment even more.

That's where the sample sachet comes in handy. For $5 you will receive 4 samples! Yes, you read correctly, 4 bloody samples! We are convinced if you try our product you'll fall head over heals for it.

Here's what you'll get:

(1) 0.25 oz Kitten Heel - a whipped pumice scrub,

(1) 0.25 oz Fog Lifter - an all-in-one soap, body butter, & coffee scrub (featuring Bad Momma Beanery Coffee),

(1) 0.25 oz Scurf Eraser an invigorating pink himalayan sea salt scalp scrub, &

(1) 0.5 oz slice of bar soap of your choice! 

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